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Chelsea Fine Stationery

Brand identity for experts in finely crafted bespoke personal stationery.


Brand identity, naming, exhibition stand design 


Chelsea Fine Stationery has gained a reputation for their use of traditional printing processes and hand-engraving & finishing techniques, to create products of exceptional quality. After 30 years in business, the company formerly known as "CLD Stationery" decided to rebrand and reposition themselves in a fast-growing personal stationery market. 

With a studio located a short walk from Chelsea's iconic King's Road, the name "Chelsea Fine Stationery" was chosen to more accurately reflect the esteemed stationer's offering. Inspired by a Lewis Carroll quote well-loved by the company,"The proper definition of a man is an animal that writes letters", the brand identity centres around the art of writing, with a positive exclamation mark in the negative space encouraging past clients to take another look. The typeface Cinzel (Natanael Gama) echoes the contemporary yet traditional nature of the businessA comprehensive suite of printed materials was designed, including linen-wrapped boxes, bags and stationery, featuring the logo foil-stamped in pale gold. The identity has a luxurious palette, with duplexed Colorplan Amethyst and Mist die-stamped in rich purple ink.

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